About ZyGone™

ZyGone provides relief from discomfort associated with cold sores.


How ZyGone got started.

For years I, Janice, struggled with cold sores. I tried many products and could never really find the relief that I was looking for.  I wanted a product that was not only effective but also that came from natural ingredients. Not sure where to begin, I sought The Lord for His wisdom on what the ingredients should be. Through His inspiration and countless hours of research, ZyGone became a reality. And the mission to create an effective cold sore relief was accomplished. My hopes are that ZyGone will help many suffering with cold sores.

Thank you Jesus!!

Janice Gomes


ZyGone™ Uses Natural Ingredients

  • 11 Vitamins
  • 14 Minerals
  • 16 Amino Acits

Rose Hips contain Vitamin C and antioxidant flavanoids, which help reduce the duration of the cold sore blistering stage.


Bee Propolis has anti-virus properties.


Aloe is commonly known to have antiseptic and antibiotic properties and is used in the treatment of cuts and abrasions.

Apply ZyGone™ Cold Sore Relief

For best results, apply ZyGone™ at the first sign of irritation (tingling, redness, itching, or bumps).



  1. Wash hands before application
  2. Shake well
  3. Apply gently and liberarlly up to 5 times daily until healed


May be used between outbreaks.


Cold Sore / Fever Blister Treatment


Aloe Extract, Propolis Extract, Rosa Canina (Rose Hips) Extract, distilled water, 12-24% ethyl alcohol.


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